Here's what our patients have to say about our work, staff and their experience.


I was experiencing a lot of pain from a bridge I had put in at another dental clinic. I was so scared it would cost me a fortune and hurt something awful but to my surprise they were able to fix me up within 45 min at a minimal cost and no surprise fees . No need to be scared of the dentist anymore now that I go there ! I now highly recommend Evergreen Dental to all my friends and will continue to go there from now on ! Thank you for being one of the few honest ones we can trust !

Jerry Canzali

I am very anxious and apprehensive by nature, especially at the dentist!! Dr. Brett spent twenty minutes talking with me about concerns about my wisdom teeth. I finally felt confident with his knowledge and experience after he showed me some of the teeth he has taken out on other patients with sedation ( He should really get an iPad though!). He gives his personal cell phone for any concerns or emergencies after the procedure. Other than a little discomfort from the procedure, I healed up fine. I would recommend Dr. Brett because he genuinely cares. Thanks.

Judy S

First of all, evergreen Dental is amazing. Doreen especiallyas you can see the compassion she has for her patients. Dr Brett took out a wisdom tooth of mine yesterday. It was actually the most pleasant experience and I hadn’t even realized that he took out my tooth! Went his assistant said “ok were done!” I was actually in shock and disbelief. He also sat and watched some love it or list it with me while we waited for the extra freezing to kick in. Amazing amazing amazing. I 120% recommend evergreen dental, I’m so happy that I found such an amazing group! Good job evergreen!


My last wisdom tooth came in, and it was hurting so bad! the receptionist there was - dare I say amazing. So sweet and you could tell she genuinely cared about the pain I was in.
She managed to get me in the next day, and helped me deal with the pain until the time of my appointment.

At my previous dentist, the nurse and dentist were very aggressive. Here they were so gentle (yes gentle while pulling out a wisdom tooth) and quick, I didn't even know it was done after they pulled it out!

I'm very grateful.

Another perk was they are open on some evenings and for someone like me who doesn't get paid sick days that's a huge plus.

thank you kindly evergreen dental staff :)

Ryan Greenspan

I would like to thank Dr. Luschinski for his years of care he has provided. At the beginning I was very anxious patient but Dr. Luschinski provided a comfortable experience in a professional manner. He truly takes wants to be a friend while putting your oral health first; by providing you with honest, straight forward solutions. Dr. Brett listens to the my concerns and works with me to come up with a solution.

I love my smile! Thanks again staff at Evergreen Dental and Dr. Brett.