In 2013 Dr. Brett went to Peru to help children in the isolated communities along the Amazon River. These communities could only be reached by boat and dental care was provided in the local schools.


In 2015 Dr. Brett went to the mountain communities of Guatemala. He thought the weather would be warm and brought only shorts after learning his lesson from the hot humid conditions of the Amazon. Little did he know the weather would be cold and dry. Difficult conditions were faced throughout the week as seen in the photos where headlamps and flashlights were mandatory to accomplish our work.

Costa Rica

In 2017 Dr. Brett visited Costa Rica to prepare for another South American trip to help disadvantaged communities. This time, Dr. Brett brought his future wife and nurse with him. 


In 2019 Dr. Brett went to Uganda to do dental work with a group of dentists from Winnipeg and his mother, a retired respiratory therapist. While in Uganda the team treated over 300 children.   

Doctor's Without Borders
Doctor's Without Borders
Doctor's Without Borders
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